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California v. Peyer
Case Title: Defendant Craig Peyer
Superior Court Case Number CDC# D-93018
Crime: Penal Code 187 (first-degree murder)
Offense Date: 12-27-86
Date Convicted: 6-22-88
Judgment: 25 years-to-life
Case Location: San Diego

SYNOPSIS/EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In the early morning of 28 December 1986 Cara Knott’s Volkswagen (VW) was discovered abandoned off of the Mercy road off-ramp, East of Interstate 15 (I-15) in San Diego. The keys were in the ignition, and her personal belongings to include a credit card were inside the car, unfortunately there was no signed of the 20 year old university student. The previous night around 8 p.m. Cara had called her parents to notify them that
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In addition, two women working at a service station on the night of the killing testified that they had seen blood and scratch marks on Peyer's face when he stopped for gas sometime before 10 p.m (a self-defense instructor testified during court proceedings that Cara Knott had been a student in his class in which she was taught to strike at an assailant's face when attacked). A fellow CHP officer also testified that the night of the murder Peyer appeared to have scratches on his face; Peyer told coworkers that he had slipped and fallen against a chain-link fence after refueling his patrol car at CHP headquarters. After Peyer’s arrest was made public, more than 20 women came forward and informed police and identified him as the highway patrolman who had stopped them at the Mercy Road exit.
In 1986 DNA testing was not available, however, during court proceedings, a serologist informed the court that genetic markers in a drop of blood found on Cara's boot matched markers that would be found in the blood of fewer than 1 percent of the state's population (Peyer fell in this group). A fiber expert testified that a gold thread on Cara’s sweatshirt was consistent with the CHP shoulder patch on Peyer's uniform jacket. In addition, Prosecutor Joe Van

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