Covert Cia During The Soviet War Essay

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The covert CIA actions in Afghanistan from 1979-1989 to support Mujahedin rebels fight off the invading Soviet influence, were necessary for not only stopping the spread of communism and preventing a hot war, but central to the beginning of the fall of the Soviet Union. “The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was viewed in the West — and not just in the United States — as the ultimate proof of aggressive intent.” Afghanistan is not as much a regime change instigated by the CIA, as it is an effort by the CIA to provide aid in removing direct Soviet forces from Afghanistan. The Director of the CIA at the time, William Casey said, “here is the beauty of the Afghan operation. Usually it looks like the big bad Americans are beating up on the natives. Afghanistan is just the reverse. The Russians are beating up on the little guys. We don’t make it our war. The Mujahedin have all the motivation they need. All we have to do is give them help.” Through the heading of the CIA’s Afghan task force, Operation CYCLONE sought “to increase funding, arms shipments, and recruitment for the [Afghan Mujahedin]” , but It was imperative that the CIA’s actions and plans in CYCLONE be kept hidden for the obvious reason that this was the most direct form of an indirect proxy war against Soviet influence during the Cold War. Hence, why the Mujahedin couldn’t not be provided with American weapons, as it was the Soviets the CIA was vying to defeat this time, and that could threaten to start a hot war…

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