Court History and Purpose Essay

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Court History and Purpose


July 28, 2012

Court History and Purpose

This paper will cover topics such as; what a court is and what the purpose of the court is. This paper will define the dual court system. In addition this paper will describe the role that early legal codes, the common law and the precedent played in the development of courts. And lastly this paper will identify the role of the courts in the criminal justice system today.
The courts are a part of the judicial branch in the three branches of government. This means that in this branch the laws are interpreted. Like the other two branches, it works to keep the criminal justice system running as smoothly as possible. The laws are make in the
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A current issues with in the federal courts is making same sex merrages legal. Which is also being dealt with in the state courts. Some states have ruled in their own supreme court that same sex marriages are legal. While this is happening, if a ruling made in the federal courts made it illegal for same sex merrages, that would over turn any verdict made in any state supreme court.
The role that early legal codes had with the structure of the court systems in the beginning had a lot of influence from the ten commandments. The ten commandments had the basic laws of not to steal or not to murder. These are laws that are still in place today. But as times change so does some laws. Used to back when pioneers first settled this country, adultery was illegal and offenders were dealt with harshly. Now a days, adultery is not looked at in any criminal intent. Another example is in the time of slavery and some time after, it was a crime to teach an African American man to read or write. Now, its not even a thought of what it is. Common laws are placed as laws that are generally known to the masses. Like mentioned above, most know it is illegal to kill another person or steal. But the difference between today and the times of old is the punishment. In the times of the old west, one could be hung for stealing a mans horse in Texas. Now its a punishment, and even a crime that is unheard of. This is because

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