Counter- Transference Essay

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Karen A. Aubrey MFCC/597 A- Internship A June 25, 2011 Amber Hamilton

Counter-transference Counter-transference can be defined as the occurrence of unresolved personal feelings of the therapist that are projected unto his or her client. Sigmund Freud coined the term counter-transference in 1910, who viewed counter-transference as the result of the client influencing unconscious feelings of the therapist (Hayes, Gelso, & Hummel, 2011). Research and Common Counter-Transference Issues Sigmund Freud believed that counter-transference was problematic and needed to be managed by the therapist. In his book entitled Future Prospects of Psychoanalytic Therapy, Freud stated that the therapist must learn to
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“Awareness of the counter-transference that manifests itself in child therapy is the key to understanding the child's psychological issues, the child's family, and the relationship between child and therapist” (Gil & Rubin, 2005, p. 89). Research case studies have also proven that a therapist can address his or her counter-transference by using strategies consistent with the treatment modularity that the therapist is using with his or her client. For example, a child therapist who uses art or play therapy as an invention technique can also these same inventions to address issues of counter-transference. The use artwork can assist in self-awareness while helping the client through the therapeutic process. The therapist can use artwork to initiate verbally interaction with his or her client to engage in sharing thoughts and feelings. The therapist can also draw pictures of his or her clients outside the session in order to resolve counter-transference responses (Gil & Rubin, 2005). Personal Examples of Counter-transference Before starting my internship I was aware that I would encounter difficulties counseling children who have been physically, emotionally, or verbally abuse. Growing up I was child abuse, experiencing violence has affected all areas of my adult life. Several years ago I

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