Counter Position Argument Against Euthanasia

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Counter Position Argument
Euthanasia, A highly debated topic over the past couple of decades. The act of taking one’s life by their own choice or the choice of their families. (Lopez-Castroman, Jorge 1) The act of taking one’s own life in many ways to many people is an immoral measure for anyone to decide on. In this paper I will be discussing the reasons for why euthanasia is immoral and the reason why so many countries stand behind it.
In the country of India, a woman’s family asked the Indian government their relative, whom had lived in a persisted vegetable-like state for over four decades, to undergo a medically assisted suicide. This court case caused much debate, and made people question their morality more than once. Ultimately the
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Canada has not too long ago legalized medically assisted suicides, but they have been very specific and placed strict guidelines on who will or will not receive this treatment. Their approval process used to take many years to review, and by then the patient may even be deceased, but very little did they approve these cases. Now Canada has reported more than 700 deaths in 2016. (Murphy, Scan 338-42) This just emphasizes my point, that if given the right to exercise the right to a medically assisted death, (and get approved) the more unnecessary deaths we will experience.
In conclusion, some will always have the point of view that euthanasia, not matter the intention is still an act of murder and is unforgivable. From this point-of-view this is an act of utter cruelty (Lu, Matthew 58). From the arguments discussed this point of view sees that euthanasia is an abomination and a disgrace to what has been given to us. Medically assisted suicide should not only be illegal but condemned by all.
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