Essay on Counselling Theories Assignment 3

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1. Briefly explain how the concept of stimulus and response applies to Steven.

The concept of the Stimulus – Response Theory describes an external neutral signal /event (stimulus) (to unconditionally and automatically trigger (a behaviour or reflex. (Response). The theory explains how individuals learn new behaviours by experiencing pleasurable( outcomes and not responding to external stimuli if the outcome is not pleasurable. ( Identifies, actions that follow behaviour and how these actions affect the future. ( Associating this concept with Steven would be his:

Development of his

• “ Saint, Sinner”: Highlights the impact of his relationship (with his parents
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Saint – In his parent’s eyes gave him the approval reward from his parents (positive reinforcement) to avoid the negative reinforcement of his parent’s withdrawal (not being attended to). Correct. Sinner – sneaking out allows him to fulfill his desire for freedom and to be part and accepted with his peer( group – reward. (At the same time avoiding( the consequences( he did not want to deal with -his parents judgment, disapproval.(negative reinforcement) Positive and negative Reinforcement cemented his behaviour. (Well done. Reinforcement is always to strengthen (the behaviour and increase (the reoccurrence (of this positive acceptable and healthy behaviour. ( For ongoing reinforcement with Steven, identifying(good the consequences or outcomes if he continues this unhealthy and unacceptable behaviour. Support Steven to acknowledge( his unacceptable( behaviour and agree to work on change. (nice Focusing on his relationship (with his children and teach him to be a caring( role model( for his children. Reward: He still gets to see his children. ( Bring awareness to Steven if he does not change his behaviour of Alcohol abuse and sexual activity the outcome will affect his relationship with his children: (Consequence: Not being able to see his children. (true.

4. Briefly describe the environmental factors you would take into account in working with

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