Counseling Children With Low Self Esteem Essay

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Children are not immune to the stressful difficulties that adults face in the world today. While some children experience safe, warm, and nurturing homes, others experience physical and sexual abuse, changes in home or school locations, death or divorce in the family, or major illnesses which causes problems such as low self-esteem, loneliness, fear, and anxiety. Counseling provides a safe, empathetic atmosphere for children to overcome obstacles to their personal growth, and find new ways to behave, feel, and think.
Keywords: Child, Trauma, Child-centered

Counseling Children with Low Self-esteem
In the movie Antwone Fisher, Antwone spent 14 years in a foster home, and suffered physical, verbal and sexual abuse (Black & Washington, 2002). After removal from the foster home, to escape homelessness, Antwone joined the navy then met Commander Williams who was able to help him work through the emotional trauma experienced as a child. As a child, Antwone suffered from low self esteem, loneliness, fear, and anxiety which spilled over into adulthood. Developmental trauma extends across many aspects of physical and mental health and it evokes disorders which include symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), depression, and other anxiety disorders (Prock, 2015). Counseling helps children with low self-esteem.
What Causes Low Self-esteem in Children
Childhood should be a time for healthy growth, for establishing warm and rewarding relationships, for…

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