Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures Essay

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Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures Paper
Selena Siegmund
University of Phoenix

Cosmic Creation Myths across Cultures
Creation is the “act of producing or the cause to exist” (Dictionary, 2012, pg.1). How the world is created is the big mystery that surrounds the minds of science. Cultures around the world each have interpretations on how the world was created. Creation myths show what represents the sky, earth, and underworld. These myths tell whether the creators where male or female and the significance of the gender. The myths describe what was created and the steps of creation. Creation myths tell of any destroyers or destruction. Different creation myths tell of cosmic occurrences or natural phenomena that occurred.
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Shiva-Rudra causes the clouds to block the sun and cover the world in darkness, and rain pours into the earth covering every inch of it in water (Rosenberg, 2006). The fire and flood destroys all human life and gods, allowing only the god Vishnu to sleep for a thousand years until he re-creates the world again.
The Chinese has three different myths that involve creation. One creation myth is of Yin and Yang, which was compiled early in the Han period (c. 139 B.C.) (Rosenberg, 2006). According to this myth chaos was the only thing that existed. Heaven and earth did not exist; there was only blackness and space (Rosenberg, 2006). Chaos gave birth two gods that formed Heaven and the earth (Rosenberg, 2006). These two gods became separate in form and dived into Yin and Yang (both male). Yang became light and drifted upward becoming one with the Heaven. Yin became darkness, sinking into the earth and became one with it (Rosenberg, 2006). Yang gave birth to fire creating the sun (Rosenberg, 2006). Yin gave birth to water creating the moon (Rosenberg, 2006). The living creatures created from the substances of the earth “The vapor that was dense and cloudy took the form of insects. And the vapor that was pure took the form of human beings” (Rosenberg, 2006, pg. 326).
Both myths have male creators that create Heaven, the earth, human beings, and living creatures. The Hindu and Chinese myth have gods that start the creation process.

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