Essay about Cosmetic Plastic Surgery And Its Effects

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Of course when you take the risk of altering certain body parts through cosmetic plastic surgery you 're ultimately endangering yourself. With such surgeries as breast implants, butt implants, rhinoplasty, face lifts, and lip plumpers, there 's always the possibility of botched results or even death in some cases. There have been so many cases of people who can 't afford to pay doctors prices that go to the street doctors and end up dying from malpractice or infection. Other common cosmetic surgery gone wrong issues include allergic reactions, blood clotting, scarring, drop in blood pressure, and the death of skin or nerve tissues. According to New York Daily News, a Miami woman died 10 hours after receiving butt injections, paying over $2,300 for them. The most notorious case of this kind is the “toxic tush” nurse, who apparently killed a woman by injecting Fix-A-Flat into her derriere. Butt implants are the next hottest cosmetic plastic surgery trend. Shape reported in 2015, that more than 13,000 people in the United States went to a plastic surgeon for butt enhancements last year. That includes buttock augmentations, which were up 15 percent; butt lifts, up 44 percent; and butt implants, up a whopping 98 percent from the year before. There 's no doubt in my mind why this surgery is on the rise, it is caused by the social media effect caused by celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez. These women should be empowering the female population to…

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