Cosmetic Chin Surgery

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How Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Help Improve Your Appearance

Cosmetic chin surgery can help to raise, advance, lower or recess the chin. Genetic chin related deficiencies, traumatic deformities and atrophy of the chin can be treated with the chin augmentation procedure.

Your plastic surgeon will determine the right surgical procedure for you that will help to improve the appearance of your chin. Evaluating digital photographs of the lateral and frontal views of your face in detail can help in deciding the same. Bone surgery, soft tissue procedures and chin implants are some of the available procedures.

• Chin Implants: the demand for chin implants is on the rise among women and men above 40 years of age, as per recent reports. The material and type of implants will be decided by the surgeon as per the patient's specific needs. Apart from creating an attractive neck and face profile, chin implants also help in
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The procedure is also known as sliding genioplasty. Bone surgery helps in correcting the same issues as that addressed by chin implants. Surgery combined with implants can help correct the vertical and horizontal lower jaw bone deficiencies.

For improving chin implants and surgery results, sometimes soft tissue procedures are performed. The outcome of cosmetic chin surgery varies from person to person.

Genoiplasty - Post-operative Effects and Care

You can expect the following results from chin augmentation surgery:

Minimal postoperative pain Bruising and some discoloration is observed for 2-3 weeks Some numbness may be experienced around the treated area Limitations to brushing and eating immediately after surgery as an incision is made inside the mouth Removal of internal sutures is not required as they are absorbable Fast fading of the

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