Correlation Between Low Income And Violent Crime Rate Essay

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The relationship between Crime and less fortunate people cannot be underestimated, it may just be the way media has conditioned us to characterize what a criminal looks like and how they live their lives. There are many low income cities and crime rates are widespread across America. One may say that people with low income have nothing to lose when they commit crimes or depressed and desperate to the point that they will commit crimes for the profit of money. Even though crime is committed at all walks of life, one can still pose a question to know if crime is more likely to be committed by people with low income that those with high income.
Research Question
Does low income increase crime rate in the USA?
This paper explores the relationship between low income and violent crime rate in United States over some period of time. This research question is interested in how income inequality increases crime rate. Between 1994 to 2004 research shows that income earned by the top 5% of America families increased from 15.3% to 20.1%. Families that are at the bottom see their earning dropped from 5.1% to 4.2%. Data used for this research is being collected from bureau of justice statistics (BJS) from National Crime and Victimization Survey (NCVS), which provide summary statistics based on a nationality representative sample for a wide range of crimes. Data is been collected from households that are below and above poverty level in the country and non-fall violent…

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