Corporate Espionage Essay

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“The growing corporate espionage activities due to intense competition lead to highly controlling security measures and intensive employee monitoring which bring about distrust in the workplace”

Part I .What I already know The reason I chose this topic is due to the fact that a class called human resources management which by the way is my major, once we discussed the topic of ethics the professor covered corporate espionage and determined it as a federal crime. Professor Valdivieso felt very passionately about this topic because his thesis was based on this area. He is a professional who I admire very much, and I was looking forward to developing a research paper on this topic. Day by day the news portrays crimes like assault,
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The article exposed how easy it really is to be a victim of espionage without realizing how big of a threat could be being too open and trustfully not only with the employees but also in relation to informational System (IT) play and important role and create a potential risk.
The reality is that once you see yourself in a position that can manipulate lots of information you can find yourself empowered to use it as you hose; temptations can get to you and can make your ethical reasoning unstable. For this reason the article suggests some countermeasures to diminish espionage without investing large amounts of money in security systems can prevent your company from failure: * Do not expose your internal network ( Burges, Power, “Industrial Espionage” par 32) * Make sure that intermediate storage is secure ( including outsourcing) ( Burges, Power, “Industrial Espionage” par 33) * Encryption and backup ( Burges, Power, “Industrial Espionage” par 37) * Auditing and Monitoring ( Burges, Power, “Industrial Espionage” par 38)
One common mistake the top managers or shareholders make is that they

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