Essay on Corporate Crime

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Corporate Crime
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Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a famous Roman Stoic Philosopher once said, “He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it.” This is absolutely true in the world today as we witness corruption in business. Alan Boeckmann, the CEO for Fluor, a multinational construction firm has chosen to lead a business with the highest level of ethical conduct and morals. In this paper I will discuss the background of the Fluor and discuss the companies rise to one of the most respected engineering firms in the world. I will also discuss the utilitarian and deontological choices that Alan Boeckmann has made regarding his companies conduct in a world where conduct in the construction industry has been less
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Specifically, he has been faced with condoning bribery in other countries as well as participating in corrupt business transactions. These situations allowed him to take a stance that not only defined him but also his company. Fluor refused to slip bribes to local government employees in foreign countries and as a result Fluor has lost contracts. According to the case study, Fluor derives more than half of its $17 billion in revenue from overseas locations (Fortune, 2009). Alan Boeckmann has mandated that his employees attend anticorruption training sessions and also provides training to specialized workers himself. Four years ago he hired a corporate lawyer as the head of compliance for anticorruption. The lawyer has traveled around the world observing Fluor’s ethical conduct. According to a Fortune magazine article, she witnessed Fluor’s commitment to anticorruption first-hand. In a Southeast Asian country, local officials demanded that Fluor hire local security details and the company refused (Fortune, 2009). After the company refused to pay the local government for the security detail, Fluor appealed to the regional government for support. Alan Boeckmann has become known for someone who will not compromise his ethical beliefs at any cost. This is very comforting considering the fact that companies such as Halliburton, also a construction contractor, has been in the news in recent years for their corrupt business practices. The Halliburton

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