Core Objectives Of Cloud Computing

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Cluster of computers like intranet/ LAN can also be basic requirement. For the INTERNET/INTRANET/LAN one needs to be strong on basic foundation on RIA. RIA is a concept falls on Web 2.0

concepts, all the applications are possibly designed under AJAX, or any tools that does not refresh your web application.

SILVER LITE, AJAX, FLEX can be used for developing RIA in Shock wave format.

Cloud computing is not going to stop here! the above tools are pretty much helpful for developing the interfaces but not the background process. JAVA can be the right language to do background process like handling the formats of files. For e.g. when working on with Google docs. You need to save the file as they are compatible with Microsoft word so they have some engine to make your document save in the required format.. isn’t this great?

Core objectives of Cloud Computing

• Core objectives and principles that cloud computing must meet to be successful:

– Security

– Scalability

– Availability

– Performance

– Cost-effective

– Acquire resources on
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The cloud infrastructure is operated solely for an organization. It may be managed by the organization or a third party and may exist on premise or off premise.

Community cloud.

The cloud infrastructure is shared by several organizations and supports a specific community that has shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations). It may be managed by the organizations or a third party and may exist on premise or off premise.

Public cloud.

The cloud infrastructure is made available to the general public or a large industry group and is owned by an organization selling cloud services.

Hybrid cloud.

The cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more clouds (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability (e.g., cloud bursting).

Cloud Computing Security

Security is the major issue for cloud computing

Analyzing Cloud Security

• Some key issues:

– trust, multi-tenancy, encryption,

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