Essay on Copyright Laws Of International Community

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COPYRIGHT LAW IN TODAY”S BUSINESS In our great world today, there is a big competition and copyrights are getting more concern, getting more and more attention business world today. Copyrighting is a property strictly defines the way for which it can be used A copyright owner has to get right to permit or allow a specific usage of own work. In today business world, when a company wants its own property to present the public, they have to make sure that their copyright confidential must protect, and the requirement of all- copyright must meet. It has forbidden making any change to and selling properties that belong to someone else for any commercial purpose. copyright laws are very important in for today’s business world because it protects and gives the owners right of copy, to modify and sell as it wants, or provide or show products without limitation his/her personal copyright, and also designs ideas and other intellectual activities or the process of his own work in public (United states Copyright office, 2012). Various laws of international community around the globe protect the copyright laws. Anyone who want to use or make someone else’s copyright activities or work has to have a permit from the owner, otherwise, it is considered a violation of the copyright law and criminally responsible for the negligent of this international law.
WHY COPYING SOFTWARE AND OTHER RESOURCES IS CALLED PIRACY Piracy is the illegal copying distribution or use of…

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