Cooking Your Fruits And Vegetables Essay

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Grill Your Fruits and Vegetables
Grilling intensifies the natural sweetness and flavors of vegetables and fruits. Grilling your fruits and vegetables gives it a very different flavor and will keep your taste buds craving the most nutritious foods, while keeping the bad cravings at bay.
Vegetable Ideas
• Eggplant (1 inch in thickness)
• Squash
• Peppers
• Beets
• Carrots
• Corn on the Grill
Fruit Ideas
• Peaches
• Apples
• Banana
• Pineapple 51. Smoothies
They taste great are refreshing and enjoyable as downing an old-fashioned milkshake. However, if you think that a smoothie bought at the nearest smoothie place is a good protein choice and meal replacement, think again. There’s a good chance your local smoothie place is using high fat and high sugar ingredients like ice cream, syrups and peanut butter with high fructose corn syrup.
That delicious store bought smoothie can rack up 600 calories or more, with enough saturated fat to rival a double cheeseburger and carbs in triple digits.
You more nutritious smoothies have fewer ingredients. They use soy milk, yogurt, skim milk, fresh and frozen fruit (no syrups). You want a smoothie that has a least 5gms of protein, and fiber while at 300 calories or less.
Consider using a smoothie as a meal replacement from time to time. Make it a green one using green vegetables. You’re more than likely better off making them yourself.
52. Selenium – Why You Need It & The Foods That Have It
Studies have shown that not only does the…

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