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Controversial Veil Is the Burqa a safety risk for fundamentalism? Most non-Muslim people ask the question could there hide a terrorist under this mysterious cover? People of Western countries all over the world are terrified of the “Dark Black” veil over the entire face and body of Muslim women; Non-Muslim females feel threatened by the Ghost look cover which varies and comes in different form of shapes and colors and sizes. The most provocative intimidation look is when the veil is not see true and the entire face is covered with a thin material that have little holes for air to gasp. The entire face is buried behind linen or cotton materials you do not know who is behind the covering. What lives behind these façades? Why so much cover? …show more content…
Most western countries taken bans against the cover method. The cover creates a controversy of issues and question how far it is exploding a threat to women’s rights. Islam is expressed with diverse ways to dress. They are different styles as Burqa, Hijab to cover the female body and face and hair. Some verses of the Quran offers reserve, respect, shyness, privacy and modesty for women who cover their body parts. Wearing the veil in public is a controversial concern, for the most it is a worship to show towards Muslim women how strong they believe. Accordingly to the Koran script the more you cover the holier and purer you are to go to heaven and reach to Allah, God. These women can only reveal their self’s to closes family or their husbands. The body shield is a potential way of identity, as outsiders understanding this as a political declaration to show their designated faith to Islam. Diverse views of people evaluating the veil of Moslem women as the start and rise of Islamic fundamentalism, the disconnection to the western world, oppression of women, therefore rejection to integrate into any democratic Western society. Saudi Arabia and Iran have different ways to address covering in an Islamic state, they are strict restriction how to dress in public

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