Controversial Topics: Questioning Concepts And Impediments Essay

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Module 1
Controversial Topics: Questioning Concepts & Impediments
In a supplemental guide to your Nosich text, the critical thinking scholars explain that concepts are “ideas we use in thinking. They enable us to group things in our experience in different categories, classes, or divisions. They are the basis of labels we give things in our minds. They represent our mental map of the world telling us how things operate and what to expect of them. Through our concepts we define situations, events, relationships, and objects of our experience” (11). Interestingly enough, we conceptualize things each day. Some questions we ask are simple and have simple answers, while others are much more complex and lead to further issues and discussion points.
For this assignment, please think about the
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What topic did you select? Please write out the main debate in one sentence. For example, some critics believe the grass is always greener, while others think it is a myth.
Some critics call it reductive and dangerous, but the Black Lives Matter movement is heralded by others as a movement for real change in our society.
2. Why did you select this topic? How invested are you? (think personally?)
I chose this subject because I personally think this movement is changing America for the better. I’m heavily invested, because I think that our country needs real revolutionary change to come even close to the equality rhetoric we spout all the time. If one person is not equal, no one is.

3. Attempt to write a thesis about your topic. A typical thesis will function this way. YOUR OPINION + 3 REASONS WHY. Example, I am against eating oranges, not only because I dislike the color, but they are messy, and difficult to peel.
I believe that Black Lives Matter is a true movement for change because it brings people together, it calls to the heart of the problem, and it has influenced real, visible

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