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Carolina Quiroga April 02, 2012 Leslie Jones English 102 The Drinking Age and Young Adults. Because underage drinking is a major problem for young adults, the drinking age has become a very controversial issue. In the 1990's, the drinking age was 18, but it was changed to 21 in 1984. The Federal Government informed states to choose between raising the drinking age to 21 or foregoing highway funding. This decision obviously affected 18 to 20 year olds who could no longer buy alcoholic

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They suggested that young adults will drink more responsibly if the minimum drinking age is lowered to 18, like in Western Europe. With a higher minimum drinking age of 21 there was 58% less fewer car crashes. Consistent with these findings, a higher drinking age was associated with lower rates of alcohol consumption. This article has research proving both points of the controversy. Research was done to prove that keeping the minimum drinking age to 21 was safer for young adults. The research that was done is not completely convincing. It would have been a more convincing article if it explained how the research was done, and put more statistics to it.
Jonathan Bailey, the author of "Lowering of Drinking Age" states both the cons and pros of lowering the drinking age. The pros stated in this article are that the minimum drinking age do not stop young adults from drinking, in fact, it creates a damaging attitude towards alcohol. Studies show that having a couple of glasses of wine per week is health beneficial, but since its prohibited to drink young adults engage in binge drinking. It's said that young adults can fight in war, live alone, smoke, but are not able to drink. The cons of this article state that teenagers and young adults will always rebel against the limits they are put
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