Essay on Controlling Alcohol Consumption At The University Of Nevada

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Controlling Alcohol Consumption at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Discovered tens of thousands of years ago, alcohol had been important in the use of religious cultures and worshipping specific gods, also being recognized for having therapeutic properties (Then & Now, 2009). Today, alcohol use on college campuses, especially the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, has started to get out of hand and had become a source of destruction. Binge drinking, underage drinking, and drinking during the week are just some issues that come with alcohol consumption, as well as brain damage, that significantly affects our students and their performance. When alcohol is consumed, it functions as a central nervous depressant, promoting suicide attempts, sexual abuse, and unsafe sex, assault, and injury, driving under the influence, academic problems, health problems and even death (College Drinking, 2015). The advocacy plan I created involves the start of mandatory alcohol awareness seminar classes and reducing alcohol availability on campus and at campus events, which in turn will make our campus safer, educate students on the effects of alcohol and decrease the amount of alcohol consumption on the University of Nevada – Las Vegas campus.
Argument by Analogy: (begin with notes from class about argument by analogy), meaning all colleges have the same similarities. The same issues other colleges have with student drinking can be controlled here at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas,…

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