Contributions Of Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Natural Selection

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Contributions of Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin was a British scientist best known for his contributions to the evolutionary theory and his theory of natural selection. Darwin came up with these theories in the late 1830s, but failed to publish them until the release of his book the Origin of Species in 1859. With pressure building from colleagues and scientists in the Far East, it is said that Darwin decided to rush publishing his findings. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was constructed during a period of industrialization that was taking hold in Britain and the United States. Society during this time was looking to science to answer questions that had troubled the world for centuries. Explanations were being demanded and controversy was brewing over the matter, because of this his contributions to the scientific community have been thought to have had many social and cultural motives for their manifestations.
Charles Darwin was born in 1809 to a successful middle-class family, and was the grandson of Erasmus Darwin, a well-known physician and poet of the eighteenth century. Initially, Darwin was going to study medicine, but abandoned this idea and went to Cambridge to study for an arts degree. However, in Cambridge he impressed his professors of botany and geology. His professors were John Stevens Henslow and Adam Sedgwick. During this time, Henslow presented a life altering opportunity to Darwin; he gave him the chance to be a naturalist and travel with the…

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