Contribution To E Waste

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Register to read the introduction… E-waste form Business Sectors-

The business sectors (government departments, public or private sector, etc) were the earliest users of electronic products; today they account for 78 per cent of total installed PCs . Hence, they are the major producers of obsolete technology.

E-waste from Manufacturers & Retailers-
PC manufacturer and retailers are next on the list of contributors to the e-waste segment. The waste form this sector comprises of defective IC chips, motherboards, cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and other peripheral items produced during the production process. It also includes defective PCs under guarantee procured from consumers as replacement items.

E-waste from imports-
The biggest sources of PC scrap are imports. Huge quantities of e-waste such as monitors, printers, keyboards, CPUs, typewriters, projectors, mobile phones, PVC Wires, etc are imported. The computers thus imported are of all ranges, models and sizes, and are functional as well as junk materials.

Secondary market-
These are the waste coming from the secondary markets. It includes TV, computers, mobiles, electric boards
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For example, the IT companies give extend offer to customers for upgrading their electronic devices. If companies have the flexible policy to upgrade the sale devices, customers do not need to change frequently their electronic devices. Also, companies can legally save money to dispose E-waste. By the use of these kinds of policies, companies and customers both will be in a win-win situation. People can protect themselves from the side effect of disposal of E-waste. Technical solutions are available, but in most cases a legal framework, a collection system, logistics, and other services need to be implemented before a technical solution can be …show more content…
But many people do not recognize how serious about E-waste. If some people have a misconception of E-waste, they will be facing on the serious problem. It generates the environmental problem and human beings diseases. The disposal of E-waste can be a big deal to make lots of profits. But that has huge side effects. If we want to keep our environment and health, we recognize about E-waste correctly. So I suggest some solutions to people who have no idea about E-waste. The government and the companies’ role are important to handle the E-waste problem. However, most important thing is that we have responsibilities and ownership to keep clear environments in our societies. If people can gather their power for keeping our societies, we can make better environment. Also, we can leave the clear environment to our

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