Contract Between Sam And The Store Essay

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Contracts are promises, offers, and/or agreements made between two or more parties that becomes legally binding and enforcing (Kubasek, p.304). Regarding the situation of Sam Stevens, he created a new security protection inside his apartment, verbally agreed to have it sold from a chain supply store, and then was notified of eviction due to his security protection disturbing the surrounding neighbors. Between Sam and the store, there was never a signed contract made, but as stated above, Sam did speak with a manager at the store and verbal agreements and promises were made. The store would receive 1000 units of Sams product, directly from Sam himself, and then sell it to consumers from there store shelves. Between Sam and his landlord, Sams products were disturbing the neighbors, who we can assume complained together to the owner of the units, which caused the landlord, Quinn, to take action against Sam. Was it fair and justifiable for Quinn to evict Sam without a warning? Is there a legally binding contract between Sam and the chain store? What are the rights and obligations of Sam and Quinn?
First off, we will discuss what a valid contract is and if it fits for this case. A valid contract has 4 elements, (1) two or more parties agree upon a settlement of promises and accepts the terms of the offer by each party, (2) consideration is in play, (3) capacity or the legal ability to enter a binding agreement is in place, and (4) there is a legal object in play. I feel this…

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