Contraceptive Methods For Women 's Health Essay

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There are approximately 62 million U.S. women in the average childbearing years of 15-44, and about 43 million of them (70%) are at risk of unintended pregnancy (Guttmacher Institute). It is shown that more than 99% of people in there childbearing years, which have had sexual intercourse, have used at least one type of contraceptive method. While four out of five sexually experienced women have used the pill, the use of the male condom has also increased from 52% in 1982 to 93% in 2006-2010 (Guttmacher Institute). In 1960, the FDA approved the first birth-control pill, Enovid; within two years, more than 1 million women were taking the new medication (Women’s Health). However while contraceptive methods were and are commonly used, not everyone agrees with the use of them or what they stand for. As early as 1850 B.C., women have used different ways of contraception. While the usage of birth control has increased rapidly, not everyone is in agreement about them or the distribution of them. The dramatic increases of women having unintended pregnancies in the U.S. is not only due to misuse of contraception, but also the unavailability to many people who live under the poverty line. For instance, 92% of at risk women who have incomes of 300% or more above the federal poverty level currently use contraceptives regularly, compared to the 89% among those living at 0-149% of the poverty line (Women’s Health). For reasons such as these, the government has passed and revoked many…

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