Essay on Contingency Plan For Terrorist Attacks

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There are steps in preparing for terrorist attacks, and the first and foremost step in preparedness is to have a contingency plan. Ivanova et al. (2011) defines contingency planning as the “Process of establishing program objectives, approaches and procedures to respond to specific situations or event that are likely to occur, including identifying those events and developing likely scenarios and appropriate plans to prepare and respond to them in an effective manner” (p. 9). To have an effective contingency plan three objectives must be present and the following are: (1) create awareness of potential disasters, (2) define actions and activities to minimize disruptions of critical functions, and (3) develop the ability to reestablish business operations (Sauter & Carafano, 2012, p. 435). Studies by Sauter and Carafano (2012) also indicates four types of preparedness measures that is believed to reduce the risk of disaster: (1) deterrent measures; (2) preventive measures; (3) corrective measure; and (4) detection measures (pg. 439). As previously stated, both contingency plans and preparedness measures will help businesses and personnel prepare for catastrophic incidents that is either terroristic, man-made, or caused by natural disaster.
3. Summarize the legal implications of preparedness planning and discuss the difficulties in getting individuals to adopt personal preparedness measures.
Weather we are employed by a major oil corporation such as Halliburton or a small mom…

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