Continental Computer Corporation Essay

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Executive summary
1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Problems and their causes
2. Divisions Explained 2.1 Eton Division 2.2 Lampco Division 2.3 Ridge Division
3. Conclusions and Recommendation 3.1 Eton division 1. Job specification 2. Recruitment 3. Company vision and team building 4. Compensation 5. Performance appraisal 6. Marketing and promotions 7. Division restructuring 2. Lampco Division 1. IT Systems Integration 2. Career progression and staff retention 3. R&D outsourcing 4. Job Insecurity 3.3 Ridge division 1. Implement Matrix structure 2. Establish Program management office at
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5. Compensation

Limited salary structure at Lampco and other divisions are earning more for what Lampco engineers is essentially the same function.

6. Lack of career path

Young engineers seek management positions and Lampco does not have the ability to accommodate as these positions are filled by senior staff.

2.3 Ridge Division

1. Lack of capacity for growth

Due to Ridge division being unable to cope with growth and diverse research projects many R&D projects had to be decentralized to the other divisions.

2. Lack of centralized R&D strategic planning

Corporate is responsible for resolving conflicts, assigning priorities and establishing communication lines between divisions.

3. Lack of Project Management qualifications

New projects are assigned to the functional department that has the majority of responsibility and a functional employee is designated as a project manager. Functional employees however have advanced degrees in engineering disciplines.

4. Lack of Project lifecycle costing

Distinguishing when to proceed and continue with a project is problematic as the project managers always make the case to continue with funding a project

5. Grass roots projects

Division managers are not budgeted to pursue individual research projects and the engineer

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