Contemporary Healers : Advantages Of Holistic Therapies Essay

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Contemporary Healers: Advantages of Holistic Treatments in Medicine

Holistic medicine is very new to the field of science but it is also rapidly growing as well. Often it has become discredited by a society who believes it is somehow less effective because there is no use of drugs. Seen as a mockery to modern medicine, holistic treatments have been put on the back burner because of fallacies associated with the effects it can have on a person, but as we look into the histories of early medicine and true facts related to the outcomes of holistic treatment, we can eradicate the misconceptions and reveal the advantages it holds by finding understanding in innovation.
Since the early days of the stone age people have become fascinated with the phenomenon that is the human body. All through out time modern people have made advancements in making life easier or better in some cases. Some of the first evidence of surgery came from skulls in the stone age, if a person was experiencing head pain it was not uncommon for holes to be drilled into the skull in a process called trepanning to relieve some of the symptoms associated with the pain (A Brief History of Medicine). Even though this may not have been the best way to cope with the pain and often lead to death, it was progress in the field of medicine that aided in the understanding of human anatomy. Little by little, early humans acquired information until people began to evolve again into those that have a higher understanding…

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