Consumption At An All Time High And How Does It Affect The Earth 's Environment?

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Why is paper consumption at an all time high and how does it affect the Earth 's environment? Gone are the days of chalk powder and tiny dry erase boards, classrooms all across the country are now equipped with smart boards, laptops, and tablets. This transition has had many benefits to class efficiency and environmental impact. Many studies show the impact of technology on students, however, there is a lack of studies done on the impact this technological advance has had on the environment as a whole. A serious problem today is how the chain reaction of the United States consumption of paper can damage the environment. Three big contributors to the large usage of paper is its availability, that paper is still much easier for people to use over technology, and that many people believe their individual contribution towards greener living does not make a large enough impact. As of today forests cover about 30 percent of the Earth 's surface. Although, this seems like a large number, it is estimated around three to five million trees are cut down annually for fuel and paper products. In comparison only 1.6 billion trees are planted per year, and although this does help cushion the amount of trees cut down, it barely makes a difference in the large amount cut down every year. A large part of the population never takes a close look at the numbers when it comes to a resource like paper, many believe it is such an abundant resource that we will not run out of it, this is not…

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