The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism

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Environmental pollution has been a huge dilemma since corporations came into power and everything became industrialized. Corporations play a major role in environmental waste across the world. Many corporations deny the effect it has had on the environment and even deny the effects it has on human health. Multinational corporations cause many environmental problems around the world. This is because capitalism and consumerism is a powerful force. Whether or not a society as a whole agrees with corporations’ influence on the depletion of natural resources and polluting areas all around the world, it’s happening. Large corporations have a huge impact on the economy, politics, environment, and public health. According to Jowit, the
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People who “own the means of production” are considered to exercise political power, both directly and indirectly. Corporations and capitalism go hand and hand. As I stated before, craving for profit is the driving force of corporate pollution. Unfortunately, everyone suffers as a result, especially those apart of the lower-class. In Weber’s, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, he stated when capitalism does prosper, it does so because people have embraced and internalized certain values. These values make capitalism prosper and become relevant. If you think about it, the entire world contributes to capitalism. This is because without capitalists and corporations we won’t be able to survive alone without them. Our values may be influenced by survival. Everyday working people aren’t going to go out and do their own agriculture, industrialization, natural gas extraction, or even produce their own products and medicine. That would be impossible. We “embrace” corporations and capitalism to survive. It is a toxic cycle that needs to be …show more content…
Since it’s a global problem there is a need for global solutions. Environmental pollution is caused by productive forces and corporations. Productive forces are influenced by capitalism and profit. Marxism supports the idea that capitalism is contradictory. Corporations thrive off of capitalism, and because of greed and unaccountability, people and the environment have to suffer as a result of it. Consequently, if corporate pollution continues it will continue to destroy the only planet that we have to live on and the dangerous effects won’t be able to be

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