Consumer Culture And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1459 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Consumer culture is incredibly fascinating because it is completely created and altered by easily mutable human habits. This culture has insurmountable power to change the way an individual makes choices. My discussion class decided it is necessary to delve into the woes of consumer culture and how consumer culture is interconnected with the environment and many environmental issues. Consumerist society has an immense impact on the environment by consisting of complicated feedback loops of growth, consumption, and the environment. I believe that an important question to further understand is how has consumer culture in the United States changed since 2015 and what societal improvements can be made to alter this culture to be more environmentally friendly? Consumer culture has vastly changed since the start of 2015. For example, our society is increasingly becoming a “risk society” where “our ways of producing goods generates increasingly, bad and risks, of which the consumer must take account when he takes a decision” (Iosim and Popescu 123). This risk society requires creating high risk economic and, consequently environmental decisions in order to entice customers. This forces companies to continue mass production and to maintain high demand. This risk society is created due to a producer’s need to meet a consumer’s growing boredom with current products; therefore, encouraging a global market to intervene in various product markets to keep consumers…

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