Essay about Consumer Behavior Analysis on Hsbc Bank

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Focus On Consume 2

Consumer Behavior in service 2

Search Quality: 3

Experience quality: 4

Customer Expectation of service 5

Customer Perception of Service 7

Customer Satisfaction: 7

Role of Influence 8

Appendix 10

Focus On Consume

Service industry is a kind of industry where one can get the customer reaction almost immediately after the purchase is done. That’s why it’s very much important for companies who are involve in this industry to have a distinct focus on their customers. Banking is a kind of service that people tend to use almost every day. It is the most prominent service in the service sector and along with that it
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HSBC is very much aware of this factor that’s why they are now prepared a very well build Internet banking service. Today people always want to be updated with their bank account they want check their current situation regarding money every now and then. So having a internet banking service is the key element in full filling this kind of need of a customer.

Experience quality:

Experience quality is one understand only when they use or consume a service or product. As multinational bank which has high reputation in both the local market and the international market people will always expect a good quality in the services. And from our survey we have find out they about 75% of the total customer that we selected has spoken high for the service of the bank and 20 % said they a neutral only a 5% said that they are not happy. So from this survey we can say service quality in HSBC is good.


We have attached the the Questionary form the appendix

Customer Expectation of service

Whenever anyone in Bangladesh heard about HSBC they always consider it as one of the premium bank in Bangladesh. And they always treat it as “The Bank for the Rich”. Which means it is the bank for upper class and upper middle class. As all the charges here is very high so it’s obvious that not everyone will be able to open an account here.

Now as we all know about HSBC as the

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