Essay about Construction Of Residential Segregation Within Society

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Historically, Americans have always been segregated by race, ethnicity, and income (Walker, Spohn, and DeLone 109.) With different perceptions, stems social construction for different communities. Social construction is a theory that holds the development of social attached labels as understandings of the world (Boghossian). Furthermore, ascribed or written labels onto society. Ascribed labels written onto society forms segregation within society. A socially constructed example is residential segregation. Residential segregation is the physical separation of two or more clusters of people into different areas. Different areas and environments of living foster images of inequality. The existence of residential segregation results from housing discrimination, personal choice, systematic steering, and realtor bias, which in turn impacts opportunities for non-whites with regard to assets, social interaction, education and employment. In addition, the effect of residential segregation has a relationship to crime. Despite federal and state laws outlawing housing discrimination, segregation is still in existence (Walker, Spohn, and Delone 110). With housing discrimination, there are constant norms. For suburban areas, homes tend to have stable foundation building, adequate infrastructure, adequate landscape grooming, and a cooperative community of the majority, with little to no crime; whereas low income areas have pollution, high crime rates, and poor infrastructure, mainly of…

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