Analysis Of The Goal By Eliyahu M. Goldratt And Jeff Cox

The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox was an entertaining book that helps to explain the theory of constraints. The theory of constraints helps to explain that any production environment has at least one constraint that management will have to consider when running a plant. In this paper I will explain the principles that are presented within The Goal and then I would like to present a situation from my present job that I feel could be helped if some, or all, of the principles were instituted at my place of work.
To begin, there five basic steps that explain the theory of constraints and help direct anyone in a business towards the bigger goal of making money. The first is identifying the systems single, or multiple, constraints. Being the first step, this is obviously something that is very important. In the book, they start with a pair of constraints, or bottlenecks, that need to be addressed so that they can work towards better throughput. Identifying the bottlenecks was a time consuming process for the characters, but they eventually figured it out to start their process.
The second step is deciding how to exploit the systems constraints. In The Goal they had to look try a couple of different things to make the constraints work in their favor. The first thing that they noticed was that
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Goldratt and looked at the theory of constraints. The theory has a few basic principles that I examined and talked about some of the ways that the characters in the book implemented these principles. I then took a look at my current workplace, and attempted to use some of these principles to think of a way to improve the functions throughout the plant. The Goal was a very interesting book, and I think that if the principles explained within it were used appropriately that it could help to improve any kind of workplace that is in need of using their constraints in a better

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