Decline Of Constantinople Research Paper

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Constantinople, now Istanbul, will be extensively studied in future classrooms. Topics like, art, literature, architecture, government, and many others are unique aspects that Constantinople has to offer to modern day understanding of human kind’s ancestry. After all, it was one of the longest-lasting cities of the Western world [ETEP Gregory, Introduction pg. 1]. It was founded by Constantine in A.D 306, a man converted to Christianity, and flourished into a city that served as a beacon for other nations and civilizations. In 527, under the rule of Justinian, the Byzantine Empire was considered to be in a Golden age [Gregory, HOFB pg. 119]. The empire declined after this golden period, due to war, poor empire management, sickness, and a …show more content…
But a major event occurred that was key in the decline of power was the Schism of 1054. Due to the filoque, a different interpretation of the Christian Holy Spirit, the western Catholic Church was lost as an ally, both militarily and economically. On top of losing an ally, the state would also see a decrease in military funding, and an increase in the power of the civil aristocracy. This decrease in military power came at a time when neighboring nations were greatly increasing their military power. There were threats in the south by Italy, in the Balkans by the Turkic groups, the Hungarians from the northwest, and the Cumans from the northeast. The greatest threat however, would be the Seljuk Turks, which gained land up to the edge of Byzantine territory. The Seljuks took Asia Minor, historically a land heavily sought after. The emperor at the time, Romanos, gathered up 200,000 men to take back Asia Minor, and while they had success against the Seljuk Turks, another enemy of the state spread rumors about the emperor and the army went into chaos and abandoned the fight. The Byzantines were soundly defeated, and the emperor taken prisoner. [HOFB pg. 255]. Even though Romanos was let go, the new emperor Michael Doukas was confronted with a poor situation in the empire. Faced with recently lost lands, financial distress and enemies on all sides, a civil war broke out in the nation, distracting him from the military needs of the empire. Asia Minor was completely lost, coin had to be devalued, and less grain was being brought into the city. It is clear here that the city had fallen from grace. Once at a high point, it was subject to unfortunate timing and circumstance in a relatively short period of

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