Conspiracy Theories That Interests Me Essay

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Conspiracy Theory
On September 11, 2001 a catastrophic event occurred in New York. The twin towers were struck by two aircrafts and they collapsed in just minutes. This horrific event ended in about 3,000 people killed or severely injured. After this there was a lot of controversy about the event and many scientists and authors started putting out conspiracy theories about the event. Some of these conspiracy theories are completely irrelevant and some are believable, which caused me to go into deeper research about them. I have chosen two conspiracy theories that interests me through their analysis, and I was able to find research to see if they are real and how the author proves his theory. The two theory’s that I chose were the theory that a missile hit the pentagon and not a plane and the other theory was that the bombs were planted in the twin towers therefore, causing the towers to collapse and not the planes like everybody thinks what occurred.
The first theory that I was very interested in was the pentagon attack. There has been a controversy about the pentagon and whether it was hit by a plane or not. Some people say that the pentagon was hit by a missile that the United States launched and that a plane never even hit the pentagon. After doing some research I found an article about the missile and the pentagon ( by Michael Thomas. As I am reading this article I notice that the author uses a lot of pictures and videos to try to prove his conspiracy…

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