Consequences Of John Proctor In The Crucible

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John Proctor was a happily married man who made a mistake, the mistake of being with a woman who was not his wife. John Proctor never imagined the effect it would eventually have on his wife, his life, and his friends. The decision Proctor made when he decided to have a relationship with Abigail would end up killing him. When Proctor came to the realization that what he was doing was wrong and would ruin his name and life, he immediately ended things with Abigail which did not rest well with the young girl. Abigail was furious and continued to make advances towards proctor. Through her severe fury Abigail accused Proctor of leading her on and “[taking Abigail] from [her] sleep and putting knowledge in [her] heart” (The Crucible, 24). It is …show more content…
Because of this most commoners took a lot of pride in their reputation and the name they go by. Many people would rather lose their life than ruin their reputation. John Proctor does this in the crucible. When Proctor was tried on wrongful terms and arrested, he was given the death sentence. But because of his reputation and his name the judge tried to make a deal with him. All John Proctor had to do was say that he did something that he did not do and he would be saved from the rope. Although the proposition was promising, Proctor had so much guilt knowing that his name would be ran through the dirt if he confessed something he did not do. Therefore he did not take the offer and died. John Proctor died with his dignity and an honest man. It is better for someone to die than confess something they did not do,” Because in the end names and actions are what stick with others more than anything else. To admit to something and live a lie is a miserable life to lead. Not only would that person let himself or herself down but also the people who are close to them who stuck up for them because they were for sure they did not do what was accused of

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