Consequences Associated With Drinking Alcohol Essay

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As a result of the negative consequences associated with drinking alcohol, universities across the nation have enacted a policy banning the consumption, possession, and distribution of alcohol on campus, regardless of age or the owner’s intention to consume it elsewhere. The purpose is not only to limit underage drinking, but also drinking and driving, binge-drinking, etc.
In theory, the “Dry Campus” policy appears practicable; however, it does not (fully) eradicate the abuse of alcohol. In fact, in some instances, the ban (arguably/ironically) promotes excessive/unhealthy drinking and driving under the influence. Thus, the question is raised: could Pepperdine’s “Dry Campus” policy potentially cause more harm than good? In a recent poll of fifty freshmen, nearly sixty percent of students voted against the policy, versus eighteen percent who supported it and twenty-five percent that remained neutral. Says first-year student Kellie Warren: “Pepperdine’s strict/no forgiveness policies make students want to rebel. It won’t stop me from drinking; it will just make it more dangerous when I do [decide to drink].” When denied formative experiences, young adults tend to retaliate. Banning the use of alcohol does not solve the root of the problem, but endangers more students—forcing them to travel off campus in search of alcohol. This often leads to excessive drinking, in order to compensate for what is strictly prohibited, or driving while impaired/greaters the risk for drinking and…

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