Essay on Conformity : A Common Human Desire

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The need to fit into society is a common human desire that confronts individuals of all ages. Human beings seek to relate with their peers and as a result tend to align their thoughts and actions towards this mission. This phenomenon is prevalent in all human groups such as cultures, religious affiliations, educational centers and even in the basis unit of society, the family. The attitudes, values and behaviors are indicated as group-think where individuals within the group concerned tend to align their thoughts and actions to match those of other members of the group. This need stems from the fact that most human beings endeavor to gain acceptance within their groups. As a result, individuals may be forced to compromise their beliefs and values for the sake of the group’s held ideals. However, there are both positive and negative impacts of conformity on an individual. Conformity tends to create a general system that allows the prevailing of order as a result of expected behavior. This trend reduces instances of confusion as most individuals tend to behave according to generally accepted and expected codes of conduct. The downside of this behavior is that it robs an individual of their originality and as a result tend to abandon their own thoughts and potential actions for the sake of fitting in with other members of the group with the fear of being ostracized by others.
Thesis statement
Individuals are forced to conform to social values and norms…

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