My Sisters Keeper Analysis

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Claire Williams
August 20, 2014
English 2, B3
My Sister’s Keeper
By: Jodi Picoult

My sisters keeping is a heart wrenching, beautifully written, inspiring book about a cancer stricken child and her family, and their struggles, achievement, and heartbreaks. Sara and Brian Fitzgerald live in Rhode Island, with there two children, Jesse and Kate. One morning, Sara is searching for Kate and find her laying in bed with a mild fever and bruising on her spine. Sara and Brian take Kate to there pediatrician who refer them to an Oncologist, Dr. Chance. Dr. Chance diagnosis Kate with a rare form of Leukemia. The Fitzgerald’s are told that Kate will need to undergo intense long procedures, but in order to help Kate at that time she would need
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In the book, My Sisters Keeper, there are three main conflicts that occur. The first, Man vs. Man; Anna vs. Sara and Brian. Anna wants the rights to her body because she doesn’t want to suffer through treatment after treatment again and again. This puts a lot of stress on her parents, especially her mother because she is giving 100% trying to save Kate, and trying to convince herself that making Anna give bone marrow, blood, and a possible kidney is okay because it will save Kate, and Anna wants to do it for her sister. The second main conflict would be Man vs. Nature; Kate vs. Cancer. Kate has been battling cancer since the age of nine. It has been many a journey for the family, with good times and bad. In the first couple chapters we see how Kate’s cancer was found, and first treated. We also see her first remission, as well as when the cancer returns. When the cancer returns for the last time Kate is put through chemotherapy, and eventually put in the hospital permanently to be treated for her leukemia. The third main conflict of the story would be, Man vs. Society; Anna vs. created as a designer baby. When Anna’s parents found out that there was another option for saving Kate, which was to have another child, but that child would be specially engineered with certain genes, and chromosomes that would make that child a perfect match for Kate, this type of child is also called, a “Donor Baby, or Designer Baby” Anna struggles to deal with …show more content…
Although there are many themes of this book, there is one in particular that stands out to me the most. For me the main theme would be, “Sisterly Bond.” In the book, My Sisters Keeper, there are three sets of sister; Anna and Kate, Sara and Zanne, as well as Julia and Izzy. For each group of sisters there is a different type of bond between them. For Kate, Anna literally runs through her veins. Anna’s parents brought Anna into the world to help Kate, and give Kate what she needed to survive, as well as being her sister. In the book, we see that Kate thanks Anna, and shows appreciation for everything that she has done and gavin up for her. Anna is so connected to Kate that in the book she says that their relationship was like Siamese twins. I believe that she is stating that not just in their everyday lives they are close but they are close in blood also. Other than the main moral, or theme of My Sisters Keeper, I have learned a lot from the characters in the book. I think that the decisions that Anna and Kate made, to lie to their parents about the reason behind suing of their parents shows us that a sister bond can’t be broken, and they would do anything and everything for one another. I believe that Sara's actions are 50% okay, and 50% not. She loves Kate so much that she would give up everything for her. She had a third child for her, she quit her job, she damaged her relationship with Brian for her, etc. But in doing so she

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