Conflict Types, And The Concepts Of Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is two people who establish a communicative relationship (Lane, 2010). The basis of interpersonal communication is a multitude of concepts that in turn all tie together. This past Saturday, my dad and I got into an argument, this argument showed many concepts including conflict type, conflict style, and our verbal and nonverbal communication. These concepts helped me analyze our argument and we were able to mend our relationship as well as come to a resolution. Interpersonal Communication has taught me that communicating can be hard but as long as you learn way of communicating it can become easier as time goes on. Interpersonal conflict has four conflict types, on a spectrum from easiest to manage to the most …show more content…
Before the argument started I was asked a question and I was being very abstract about the whether or not I wanted to watch my brothers even though we were at family’s house. I politely told my dad that I wanted to go home because I wasn’t feeling well, I felt as if he did not understand what I was trying to communicate with him. This caused my dad to become upset and thus started the dispute. Abstraction refers to the level of specificity in language (Lane, 2010). Allowing my answer to be abstract instead of specific caused a miscommunication between the two of us. As the argument began to escalate the amount of nonverbal communication used became very stressful. Kinesics, or the category of body movement and position, includes gestures, body orientation and posture, and facial expressions and eye behavior (Lane, 2010). Our argument used a mixture of all three kinesics, first starting off with gestures. Gestures are movements of the body used communicate thoughts, feelings, and/or intentions (Lane, 2010). My dad and I used gestures to communicate our frustrations towards one another, I would throw my hands up if I felt as if he was not listening to me and I felt as if he did not care for my opinion. He used gestures to show that he was not happy with my reaction, it was as if him telling me that I was at fault for everything was something I could agree with. Next, we used body orientation and posture which communicate meaning. Whenever I would slouch it was because I was exasperated or when I would sit straight up it was because I was annoyed with accusations. Using body language in a conversation can change the entire meaning of the argument. The argument my dad and I were in showed an endless amount of nonverbal communication. Facial expressions and eye behavior can describe the amount of emotions one is holding in. during the argument my dad would say some rude things and I would

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