Conflict Theory, And Symbolic Interactionism Essay

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Conflict theory, feminist theory, and symbolic interactionism have a similar perception of the role of schools in shaping social inequalities, albeit conflict and feminist theories observe the problem from a macrosociological perspective, while symbolic interactionism takes a microsociological approach to the problem. The focus, for all three theories, is on inequalities and on the perpetuation of social stratification in the educational setting.

Feminist theory posits that the role of the school should be to ensure that girls and young women are given the same rights and opportunities as boys and young men (Little et al., 2014). They should have equal access to the available educational opportunities and be equally prepared to enter the work environment. However, that 's not the way school currently is. Moi (1991) posits that feminist theory is in line with Bourdieu 's idea that the current role of the school is to make the educational system appear as a meritocracy, while in reality the thought of a school that increases social mobility is the new “opium of the people.”

In effect, stereotyping, such as the widespread idea that women are not naturally predisposed for STEM subjects, is still prevalent in academia and certainly does not help women to achieve their potential. Also, entering into professions typically thought of as men 's professions is still complicated for women, even if they have been as, or even more, successful than their male counterparts in an equally…

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