Conflict Of Santa 's Workshop : Learning At Be A Team Player At Toyking

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In Case 8 “Conflict in Santa’s Workshop: Learning to Be a Team Player at ToyKing”, ToyKing was a large, U.S.-based toy design and manufacturing company that specialized in educational toys and games. Located in Torrance, California, the Design Studio headquarters consisted of over 60 toy designers and about 20 technicians and fabricators. Out of the toy designers, 15 were senior designers and the remaining 45 were junior designers. Their goal is to come up with new innovative toy concepts each year to help improve ToyKing. This case goes on to talk about how Karen Washington, a junior designer at ToyKing’s was agitated that senior designer Jeff Chang essentially took over the presentation while using Karen’s concept without giving credit. The case also goes on to inform us that Karen was displaying poor team player skills with two other junior designers prior to Jeff Chang taking credit for her concept. I will analyze how she fared on the topic of Groups/Teams, Motivation, Communication/Diversity, Individual Characteristics, and Negotiation.
As far as being a good team player is concerned, no I do not believe Karen was a good team member, especially when it came to Sam Gupta and Cassie Wu. Karen usually haves her weekly lunch with both Sam and Cassie when she decided to spill her great idea on ToyKing’s ToyCity line of toys. Karen’s idea would to allow kids to give their play pieces personalities and interaction between them, “What would be even cooler, is if kids could…

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