Essay on Conflict Between Spain And Cuba

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In 1880 the United States had a population of 50 million, and by that measure ranked with great European powers. In industrial production the nation stood second only to Britain and was rapidly closing the gap. Anyone who doubted the military prowess of Americans needed only to recall with which they had fought one another in the Civil War. The United States was becoming a world power, controlling territories in the Caribbean and extending across the Pacific to the Philippines. Along with European powers, Americans were pursing imperialism because they believed the nation would reduce to a second-class power if they don’t compete with imperialistic nations for new territories. The decisive U.S victory in Spanish-American war filled Americans with national pride, and to demonstrate their strength furthermore, expansionists wanted to acquire more territories overseas; however, there were people who rallied opposition to further acts of expansion to demonstrate that United States respected other nations’ rights. Conflicts between Spain and Cuba had led to overwhelming demands for the United States to go war against the Spain and to take a side with the revolutionaries in Cuba. The news about the U.S battle ship Maine in the Yellow Press had President McKinley to declare war against the Spain to protect the lives of U.S citizens and to end the bloodshed. Including African Americans, many imperialists supported the war. African Americans encouraged themselves to participate in…

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