Essay on Confessions, St. Augustine 's Confessions

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Saint Augustine’s Confessions In novel, Confessions, St. Augustine tells his life story in the first nine books. Throughout Confessions, Augustine grows and has dedicated his life to be driven to the pursuit of happiness. This book shows many of Augustine’s confessions, but one of the most important one, was to Gusto when he confessed his lust and lack of understanding of God. He did not understand why he always sought pleasure. Through the story Augustine struggles to connect with God. The nine books are about Augustine’s life events that led him to becoming close with God. Augustine struggles through his pursuit of pleasure, even after his conversion to Catholicism. In the first book, it talks about how important God was to Augustine as he grew up following his mother, Monica, in her Christianity beliefs. Augustine says, “You stir us to take pleasure in praising you, because you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you” (Chadwyck, page 3). This statement means that God wants us to praise him, he wants us to need him and he takes pride in that. In the second book he talks about when his sexual desire arose. His mother was worried because he was so young and marriage was not even close. In the third book he talks about how he grew interest in the Bible, but he had a lot of questions. He wanted to understand the Bible but did not know how and he did not know who to ask. In the fourth book, he grows toward Manichaeism. In the…

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