Condoms And Abstinence Be The Best Choice Against The Disease

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HIV is taking its toll in this country as it continues to spread, the underlining cause of this is a lack of strong education in dealing with it. This in turn puts into action a movement to make the next generation youth free of HIV, Eliminate the stereotypes associated with HIV, There must be a firm understanding of what infected children go through and the argument between condoms and abstinence being the best choice against the disease must be discussed thoroughly HIV/AIDs has spread and destroyed the lives of many. It primarily targets countries that are too poor to receive proper care and education to prevent the spread of the disease within the body. While many argue between condoms and abstinence as the two sources of protection, the spread of HIV has yet to cease. The main goal for all countries at this point in time is to find a cure and given this is a task that will take a very long journey to achieve, we can only make HIV people and HIV free people totally AIDs free. There are many who are under some strange impression that HIV and AIDs are the same and after being diagnosed with any is an automatic death wish. This couldn’t be more inaccurate, infact many HIV carriers live active and productive lives. So to achieve this task of having an AIDs- free generation, we must understand the difference between the two diseases. According to ( “HIV is a virus and particular exposure to it can lead to infection. HIV stands for Human…

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