Concussions Injuries On Youth Sports Essay

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One injury has affected sports more than any other. This injury is the concussion. Concussions are a major issue in sports today. All levels of athletics are affected by this brain injury. There are over one million concussions every year. The affects that concussions have on the brain has been studied recently, especially in Nation Football League players and other professional athletes. These studies have shown that repeated head trauma can cause serious mental issues such as dementia. Most professional sports have been changing recently because of concussions. The effects of concussions have been seen in professional sports, but concussions have also had a major impact on youth sports and on the children playing those sports. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that temporarily alters the way the brain functions. An estimated 1.6-3.8 million concussions occur each year. The fact that concussions are so common is why they are currently such a prevalent issue. About 10% of all athletes will get a concussion in a single season. The most common sport males get concussed in is football, while females are concussed the most in soccer. The issue of concussions along with other factors has caused the decline in youth sports participation over the past few years.
In most cases, a child’s brain recovers fully from a concussion. The problem comes when a child gets multiple concussions. After one concussion, their chances of getting a second one increases. A concussion…

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