Cause And Effects Of Concussions In Sports

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First, the main thing some people do not know about is what is a concussion and how, where, and when concussions can happen. A concussion is a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head which swells the brain. All contact sports is where they are mostly commonly seen, although they can also occur in non-contact ones as well. Other sports that they occur in are the ones classified as extreme such as snowboarding and skiing (Masoof, Joy “Extreme Sports”). Football and wrestling have been credited with having the most concussions throughout the sports. Research has been done that says at least one concussion happens to at least one player in every game in The NFL but most are not recorded (“Call For Better Advice on Concussion in …show more content…
This is because of the continuous beating and blows to the head causing swelling of the brain. They can also occur in sports such as basketball and soccer which are non-contact sports but still accidents happen such as hard fall or accidental head to head contact. Another example would be in soccer when players go up and head the ball the wrong way causing a concussion (Nicholson, Chris “Concussion Crackdown”). A very severe concussion can be considered a traumatic brain injury. Many concussions have symptoms right after the injury happens and then have some different symptoms weeks later. TBI’s cause lasting effects that can last a lifetime and can permanently damage the brain. They mostly damage the psychological parts of the brain making thinking in depth hard for many people (“Concussions and Sports”). Although concussions are most commonly seen in sports, they can also happen in everyday life. Even a simple bang of the head on any solid object can result in a mild concussion. Seeing how easy it is to get a concussion and the severe side effects that come with them is a main reason in to why more steps need to be taken in the prevention

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