Conclusion Of Structural Family Therapy

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Within family counseling there has been many changes over the years to enhance the intervention and mediation sessions for families. Dr. Sue Johnson and Salvador Minuchin have provided their expertise to the field of psychotherapy by innovating the importance of family therapy as a unit, and not on an individual basis. Within this paper the opportunity to evaluate Structural Family Therapy was provided, and some of the major techniques in which therapist utilize in the process. Some of the major techniques which have been highlighted includes: joining, enactment, and structural modification.
These techniques allow families to safely follow through with the therapeutic and mediation process by evaluating patterns of behavior
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The overall program goals is to rebuild a healthy family structure by identifying dysfunctional behaviors and guiding clients through the process of identifying reasoning and patterns of past behaviors.

Therapeutic mediation services are based upon the approach of Structural Family Therapy. This approach was developed by Salvador Minuchin and has led to other research and developments in the field of family therapy such as Emotionally Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson.
Goals of our Therapeutic Mediation Therapy includes:
1. To provide families with an assessment and planning for mediation sessions and treatment plans.
2. To provide mediation sessions with a series of techniques to resolved problematic issues identified and evaluated in the assessment.
3. The service of providing referral information for any needed services not available within the
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