Human Lung Cancer

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Human Lungs are crucial for proper gas exchange and respiration. Without them, every living cell in the body would stop functioning and we would not be able to live. The lungs are extremely important to the respiratory and circulatory systems, and when the lungs begin to malfunction, many problems arise. One reason for the malfunctioning of the lungs can be due to the rapid growth and division of cells that make up the lungs. This is caused by a genetic mutation in genes that control cell growth and division. Unfortunately, these abnormal cells form a tumor that can ultimately lead to cancer.
Lung Cancer is one of the leading types of cancer deaths in both men and women worldwide today. However, this wasn’t always the case. Back in the 1800’s
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Patients who suffer from lung cancer can go through surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy in order to destroy cancerous cells or remove the tumor completely. Surgery is performed to completely remove the lung tumor and nearby lymph nodes that have been affected (Lung Cancer-Treatments, 2015). This particular procedure is most likely performed on patients with stage one or two lung cancer, and particularly targets the level of organization of cells, tissues, and organs. Radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells by using high energy x-rays (Lung Cancer-Treatments, 2015). Chemotherapy is a procedure that involves consuming drugs that destroy cancer cells. Both radiation and chemotherapy is given to patients in stage 3 cancer and possibly 4. These two procedures affect the level of organization of cells, since it aims to kill malignant cells. Targeted therapy is a treatment that targets the specific gene mutations that cause the cancer, proteins, and tissue that contributes to cancer growth (Lung Cancer-Treatments, 2015). It affects the level of organization of cells and tissues. Although these treatments can be used to treat cancer, full recovery from cancer is not always …show more content…
It is important to recognize how it can affect the body if it is not prevented or treated in early stages. The development of lung cancer begins when a single mutated cell begins to replicate abnormally and rapidly, resulting in a malignant tumor. When somebody is diagnosed with lung cancer, the consequence to the patient’s health and overall function of the body is completely altered. Cancer affects everything from the cells to the organism itself. Lung cancer must be taken serious to how it is approached and treated, as different stages of cancer can only be treated with certain procedures. Unfortunately, the cases of lung cancer continue to rise, especially among smokers. However, with the advanced knowledge in medicine and technology, many things are being done to detect and diagnose lung cancer at an early

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