Concerns over Private Health Insurance Essay

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Concerns over Private Health Insurance HCA: 305; The US Healthcare System

Concerns over Private Health Insurance
1) A single payer system, private insurance company or US government, why is there so much resistance to this concept which is used in advanced countries? The resistance is because of economic power in the system, and who does not have the power. Yes, the governments will predictable raise taxes to pay for the growing demand for health care which people are afraid of. It is a big resistance over fear, on loss of power and money. “Vladeck,
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3) The availability of hospital insurance remover and important cost constraint from hospital services and charges, and what were the positive & negative consequences of that development? Hospitals divided into different specialty centers, which was a very positive effect for the customers and the physicians. As stated in our text; “The ability of insurers to cope with the every-rising hospital costs by distributing relatively small premiums increases over large numbers of subscribers” (Harry A. Sultz & Kristina M. Young, 2011). The cost for going to these different centers, are much less than going to the hospital. Therefore, hospitals did loose income, which the hospital had to do cost- cutting in many ways, one was cutting staff.

Steeply raising cost of medical liability insurance is a growing concern for practicing physicians’ medical schools, and personal teaching hospitals. As a result physicians are leaving high risk aspects of their practice to lower their insurance rates. The evolution of private health insurance and its effects on cost and access to services is what? A contained future expansion and experimentation, which means the shift from hospital stays to outpatient ambulatory care services. People can get much better service at a specialty center than a hospital; these centers are spotless

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